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I just finished a train-adjacent movie on Netflix, called "Narvik." It's set in a port town in Norway of that name that was a vital connection to the shipment of high-grade iron ore from Norway's mines. Early in the second world war, neutral Norway was supplying both Germany and Great Britain with iron ore, but Germany decided to seize the town, and the largest battle ever fought in Norway was begun. By traditional epic war movie standards, the action is relatively small stuff, but by focusing on one family the film IMHO does a good job of bringing home the random horrors and ultimate futility of such conflicts.

Trains, both prototype and model. play recurring roles in the drama: early in the film, the father, a Norwegian soldier, brings home a clockwork toy train engine to his son (I assume of some European manufacture, running on two rail track of approximately O scale dimension), and it reappears several times later in the movie. The ore trains are shown in operation briefly, and a spectacular rail bridge and a rail-mounted cannon both play pivotal roles later in the drama.

So, if you want to take a break from running your trains, I suggest you might want to check out "Narvik", as sort of a busman's holiday!

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My all-time favorite train movies are:

The Train (1964):  starring Burt Lancaster. A French RR official stymies Nazi attempts to steal French artwork during WWII.

The Iron Horse (1924): A John Ford silent film about the construction of the transcontinental railroad in the US.

The General (1926): Another silent picture starring Buster Keaton as a southern railroad engineer during the American Civil War.

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