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I been thinking and thinking how to add another layer of platform .. I wanted to make a tribute for my Dad.. he was born in 1925 so I wanted train layout that would show what he would of  seen (if they  had me around back in the day! lol) and wanted a prewar layout..

I have  4 grandchildren  @the age my Dad would of been  in the 30's so I got my   Prewar engine I wanted but had no idea where to put the layout other than MOVE.

So it began with  adding two pods I call them  I used my dads  metal brackets he made back in the day

Then I designed a simple dog bone track  and made the templates and now it  begins  AS a note the most important thing is to make sure that the pods are level (don't ask) lol

I have the track on and need a guard rail around the top . Im not sure if I should just use who bunch of bushes  or plexiglass  . maybe some white flexible poly material? . what do you think..

1st pictures shows the pods

2nd with the new platform on raw

3rd. what it look like before..



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Dan, It looks like you have come up with a good idea to add another level for the prewar trains.  That is really nice you are making it as a tribute to your dad.  I think what you use as a guard rail depends on how far the trains will be from the edge.  If they are close, then plexiglas may be the answer.  It looks like you just have the fascia on the main level attached so its top is a little higher than track level.  maybe that is all you need, but depending on the height of the upper level, it may block some viewing.  How high is the upper level?

Thanks next picture will show  that the track is 2 inches away  the edge....thinking of  foam  maybe 3x3 shave it like a hill  I like to get some green  paint  and add some lichen  to it  and staple it to the if if the prewar 256 flys off it would be  safe from falling... my two grand boys are 3.5 and 6 mouths!  never know when your watching  trains  and kids! lol

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