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Hi Everyone

I recently made up some train shelves for the basement and looking for some opinions, i want to try to mount the shelves inside these steel i beams that run accross the ceiling in the basement and looking for ideas on how to mount them to the steel i beams ther shelves are constructed out of 3/4" plywood with 3/8 " oak rails so can they be glued to the steel ibeams or should i rest the inside of the shelf on the ibeam and run some kind of support in the front ? anyone have any ideas they would like to share ?




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I pretty much agree with the above post. But if you want to do it. They make some really strong magnets that are drilled for a countersunk bolt that could attach to your shelving. This would eliminate any drilling to your steel beam. It would probably require a good pull to remove it. But the shelf you describe seems to be built solid.

Check out K&J Magnetics.

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Mmm, well, I suspect you'd do fine with a heavy-duty adhesive bond, especially since the shelf will be directly supported underneath by the beam for a good part of its width, but I suspect some sort of a backup clamp at each end would be prudent. It should be possible to drill through the flange, though, since I suspect it's just mild (relatively soft) steel, using a hardened bit and cutting oil, and a bit of patience!

I like the magnet idea. I'd personally shy away from drilling the bottom flanges in high moment regions. It's extremely likely it would be just fine, but I'd use a different method. Someone also made a good point about the beams being primed or painted, with adhesive you're really just gluing to the primer.

Something like this may not look bad and would be extremely secure:

Kyien 4Pieces 304 Stainless Steel C-Clamp Heavy Duty C-clamp Woodworking Welding Building Household Tiger Clamp G-Clamp

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Metal and wood expand and contract at different rates. You can expect buckling to occur unless you attach it in such a way as to allow the wood to "float" on the I beam.

Here is one idea:

Fair point on the expansion, though I doubt in a climate-controlled environment, the cycles would be severe enough to warp the wood - more likely the glue joint would just start to separate. A few dabs in only the middle of the board (and none at the ends) would counteract that effect, but at the cost of weakening the total strength of the bond somewhat.

All in all, short of drilling through the flange to screw or bolt on the shelf, your sleeve idea is IMHO probably the most secure, though I'd be inclined to use a fairly thin piece of plywood or hardboard on the bottom, since all it really needs to do is hold the rest in place.

Simple:  Use these, hammer on flange clips.  Caddy M24 for 1/8 to 1/4 inch flange thickness and M58 for 5/16 to 1/2 inch thickness.Turn caddy over and drive on drill 1/4 hole thru wood shelves and use 1/4-20 machine screw screw to back threaded hole. You can pre-fab this and install. Use 1 inch or 1-1/4 length screw with flat washer on top. Put 2 or 3 per shelf length. Measure flange to get correct thickness Caddy. Can remove these fasteners anytime you want. Can find at Lowes Or Home Depot or electrical supply house. Use these all the time at work. Good Luck.


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  • mceclip0: Caddy M24 or M58 for flange thickness

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