Train shirts by Dotty at Henning's Trains in Orange Hall and also I-45 Blue Hall

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Train shirts are available at Henning's Trains on the Orange Hall  row H -11. Now also in the Blue member hall at I-45: John Henninges. These shirts are made in America with American cotton fabric by an American. If there isn't a shirt you like in your size, please let me know and I can make you one in the fabric and size of your choice. Please email me at: for prices and fabric selection, or phone 781-738-4490.  I will have NEW fabrics to chose from as well as those at top of page.  

Dotty Perry; TCA #08-62610;  LCCA #30067;  LOTS #8430;  LRRC#403367; Mass. Bay RR Enthusiasts


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I just want to take a moment and compliment Dotty for offering these shirts.  I wanted one in the dark fabric w/steam locomotives, which wasn't available yet at York.  But Dotty made a Mens XL size for me after York, and I received it last week.

Let me just say that the material is top-notch quality, and Dotty's craftsmanship is absolutely superb!!!   If you're looking for something unique to wear while having fun in the train room or visiting train clubs, look no further than these shirts!!! 

I'm really sad to see so much of EVERYTHING these days being sold off on the cheap to overseas manufacturing... from book printing to clothing to trains.  I "get" the fact that many folks in our lifetime will never see highly detailed locomotive models made in the USA anymore.  But there is no reason -- none whatsoever -- that literally everything  is made overseas today as a defacto standard.

I'm a reasonably proportioned guy who wears a "48 long" suit/sports jacket, which comfortably falls into XL-sized clothing territory.   But I've been noticing recently the need to buy XXL coats/jackets on occasion from certain designers/importers.  And folks in the clothing industry have told me, that's because some overseas clothing manufacturing plants are now sizing their offerings for Asian markets -- even when exporting product to the Americas and Europe.    Wonderful... So much for globalization...  So now we need to consider whether Designer ABC's clothing is sized for the Asian or American market?  

Great job on these shirts, Dotty.  I'm an American guy who wears a traditional XL shirt, and your XL shirts "fit me to a T" with even a bit of room to spare for extra comfort.  And the material feels GREAT.  Can't wait to buy another!  

Consider me one VERY satisfied customer, and I'm thrilled to be wearing such a fine product that was actually made here in the good ole USA!  


Thank you for the kind words, David. I was seeing frustrated people, unable to find good quality, American made shirts that fit, made with good quality American- made cotton fabric. Being a seamstress, I realized I have been making my own clothes for just that reason, and that I have  the ability to do the same for others.  I'm constantly looking for new American made train fabrics, which aren't cheap, but I won't compromise with inferior, lesser priced, foreign made material.  (I currently have 15 different fabrics.)  I'm glad to be able to provide these shirts for the wonderful group of people in the model train hobby. 

Dotty Perry; TCA #08-62610;  LCCA #30067;  LOTS #8430;  LRRC#403367; Mass. Bay RR Enthusiasts

TomlinsonRunRR posted:

Hawaiian shirts move over!  There's a new look in town!  Dottie, these shirts and patterns are really fabulous!  Thanks for putting your creativity and gifts to work in such a great way.

Tomlinson Run Railroad



Yes, who needs Hawaiian shirts when we are stuck in the North all winter!!

After much finagling and nail chewing, we have finally got things organized so I can make it to York! YAY!  Shirts, fabric samples, and an order sheet will be available at Hennings Trains in the Orange Hall at H-11. And now, for those of you who prefer to peruse the member halls, John Henninges in the Blue Hall at I-45 will also have shirts, fabric samples, and an order sheet. See you all there. 

Dotty Perry; TCA #08-62610;  LCCA #30067;  LOTS #8430;  LRRC#403367; Mass. Bay RR Enthusiasts

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