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The Virginia Train Collectors Association are having a 2 day train show in Midlothian, Virginia, a western suburb of Richmond, just south of the James River.

Saturday November 20th 9-4 and Sunday November 21st 9-3.

Bob Buehler, Eastern Division TCA, Vice President and current President of the Virginia Train Collectors Association asked me to announce the show. As an added plus, it will feature all the layouts of the River City 3 Railers, our local O Gauge modular club.

The show is in the Westchester Commons Shopping Center with is off Rte 288 (an expressway) and Rte 60.

Here is the announcement brochure:


The Westchester Commons shopping center is easy to is at intersection of Rte 288 and Rte 60.

288 is basically a 4 lane high speed corridor that connects I-64 west of the city to I-95 south of the city. It is a straightforward route from Northern Virginia and Maryland, Tidewater, Western Virginia and the Valley and Southern Virginia and North Carolina.

Here is an overview map:

The Train show is in a 7500 sq foot empty storefront that is connected to the 4500 sq foot storefront where the River City 3 Railers have 3 operating layouts.



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For those of you who are unfamiliar with our modular group, we've been in existence since 2009. We currently have 3 portable modular layouts and there are set up in a storefront at the Westchester Commons shopping center.

Our layouts are 21x42', 12x15' and 6x11'. The Fall scene modules were featured in Run 320 of OGR Magazine......and, we also have a very different article coming in Run 321....

Here are a few pictures:


The show in May was a big success.......over 800 admissions and that number did not include children under 12. About 110+ tables of trains.

The shopping center has about 15 restaurants from fast food to sit down places.

Come join the fun.....use my email in my profile if you have general questions. If you are interested in stable to sell trains, use the address or phone number on the Show Flyer for the Meet Chairman, Russ Youens.



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Attended this show in May -- same location and sponsor.  Well worth the 90 minute drive from Newport News.  Personable vendors and an excellent variety of trains for sale at reasonable prices.  My club buddies from across the water in Virginia Beach found the 2-hour drive worthwhile, as well.

The visit to River City 3-Railers was a huge plus.  Excellent layouts and enthusiastic hosts. 

See you there.

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