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I had a friend Scotty Askiness who managed the furniture store of Honigs Parkway in Bronx. Honigs also sold electric trains in another one of their stores in the same area there. I met Scotty when I was going to the weekly get togethers at John Marron's house in Harrison, NY in the 1970s-1980s. Scooty had a garage with lots of metal shelves that were full of Lionel trains mostly new in their boxes. 

Ed G.

In the mid-late 70s, my then girlfriend, now wife of 4 decades, used to drive from Yonkers, where her parents, lived to 242-Broadway, park near Manhattan College and take the #1 local to the World Trade Center where her father worked. One Saturday, I went to the Columbia-Lafayette Football game while she and her mother went Downtown shopping. I arrived back at 242-Broadway first and since I had some time to kill walked in that area and did see a train store. I made a note to come back some time, however, we either were in that area too early or too late in the day to ever see the shop open.


Wow.....I went to Manhattan College 71 to 75 and I have no recollection of it. However, this was also a time I was entirely focused on school and easily could have ignored lost opportunity to have visited a train store. I certainly frequented the bookstore under the station.....

Seriously, I may never have crossed W242nd to the other side of Broadway in all those years I was there....

I do remember the wonderful smells from the Stella Doro factory a few blocks away!


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