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I swear this is color, not a "left over"  the editor did something funny with the exposure and the brass and gold went bright yellow or white, green went black, while blue and some black went florescent green. 


Ok, now pan down and give me a close up on the hero..IMG_20170921_131713

...and CUT!....... ..


Photobombed by a giraffee.....?

Mitch's fault! I'bet anything "Forty screws" is behind this.


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SIRT posted:


Atlas O TOWER [9)


Nice! Good weathering.

I had one of these in HO back in the day (heck, I bet almost everyone did. It was practically issued to you if you had any type of layout). My RR is way too backwoods to have one, otherwise I fore sure would have one on my current layout. The back of the structure never made any sense as there's a landing on the brick base portion but no way to get out to it. I think if I ever made one of these kits, I'd have installed a door at the center of the row of windows, so someone could walk out there.

I've always loved the design of this. If I had a lot of money and had some RR equipment on my property, it'd be awfully tempting to build an exact 1:1 scale real-life size copy of this. Modelers would come from all around just to say they'd seen it, I'd bet!

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