The team at O Gauge Railroading Magazine is very happy to announce that Trains and Toy Soldiers has become a magazine advertiser and forum sponsor!  Frank and Robert Way and their team have been offering a great line of products for some years now including not only trains but toy soldiers and die cast collectibles.  In addition, they have recently added children's wooden railway toys, as well as model kits and tools.  They invite you to visit their website at: to see all of these products and more.  Their banner ad is in row 4 on each page of the forum and their index listing is within the featured topics...both have clickable links to their site.  Please join us in welcoming Trains and Toy Soldiers to the magazine and forum....



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Fantastic!  I just ordered a Hartland G Gauge Army train set from them, and really looking forward to getting it, as well as doing some more shopping with them!

"Maybe someday, you'll be an Engineer for the Santa Fe!" - in a note to me sent with a P.R. package from the Santa Fe railroad.

Trains and Toy Soldiers is overwhelmed by the wonderful welcome we have been given by the members of the forum. So we have decided to post a forum only discount. Now until the end of the month enter coupon code:  OGAUGEFORUM    at check out. When you enter OGAUGEFORUM you will  save one hundred dollars on this Lionel Trains 6-37921 ZW-L Transformer Advanced Version. This offer will last until February 1 2018.

I always get a laugh when I see that iconic photo of Jerry Yellin, kissing that soon to be nurse, in celebration.  My best friend's mother was in the original pic and has re-enacted it with Mr. Yellin for posterity, and every newspaper in existence.  My buddy Bob tells us his mother, Gloria Bullard, was a friend of the nursing student (her name escapes me), and went on to become an MD in South Carolina.  Gloria said her friend enjoyed the moment, mostly due to the excitement of the crowd.  Their main concern was rushing to catch a train back to school.  Of course, none of them had any idea.....

Dr. Gloria still lives.  You can google her. 


p51 posted:

In case you're like me and saw the Army train on their header image (the yellow box on top of their page) and wondered which one it was, it's this one.

That's the one I ordered from them!  It did arrive over the weekend, but I have to open it and run it!

I'm really looking forward to it!

"Maybe someday, you'll be an Engineer for the Santa Fe!" - in a note to me sent with a P.R. package from the Santa Fe railroad.

I went to their website to search for a windmill.  When I searched "windmill" nothing. Then I searched wind mill and it brought up beer and whiskey boxcars...   So I bought those instead lol


Anything can be accomplished, with proper funding. 

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