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Yesterday I had the opportunity to fly from Denver to Salt Lake City, in beautiful weather. I had ideas of perhaps seeing the California Zephyr climbing the front range, or a freight on Soldier summit, so I took a window seat. Not much luck, it is a long way down. But, here's three views I did get.

1) I think this may be Byers Canyon, just West of Kremling, CO. You can see the tracks north of the Colorado River.


This may be the freight yards at Provo, UT.



The bold colors of the Frontrunner made it easy to see as we approached Salt Lake City.



If you have tried taking train photos from planes, and have better views to show, by all means feel free to add them here!




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We have waved at a few train crews between El Paso and Deming.  So close we could hear the Diesel roar over the clankety clank of the Continental.  Wish I could show you a photo.  The limit is 500' from persons or property, so that's how far away we were, by actual measurement.

Yes, they wave back!

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