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We are very sorry to announce that TrainWorld will not be at the York Train Show this upcoming weekend. We had every intention of attending and had the trucks loaded with trains and ready for action, however, I started to feel under the weather and in consideration of the health of those around me, I made the judgment call to cancel our trip this morning. While I am grateful that my covid tests have come back negative thus far, I am certainly disappointed that we will not be attending the show. The TrainWorld team will continue to send out our o scale York specials via email and have been posted on our o scale specials section of our website.

Ken Bianco Jr.

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Train World kept us "in the loop" when the York Meet didn't happen with online presentations so TW will be in our thoughts even if you're not physically present.  You absolutely made the right decision.  In January, I was also "under the weather" and took a COVID test which came back negative.  Another COVID test almost a week later was positive.  You can't be sure until the situation resolves.  With this virus especially, better to be safe than sorry.

Thank you all for the kind words.  Even though it was a hard call not to go to York, I did end up having Covid, so I am thankful I did not spread it further.  Im well into my recovery and doing much better.  I took 3 tests before York which all came back negative, needless to say, I'm thankful I listened to my body and still decided not to go. 

Im starting to feel better where I will be able to repost some of the O scale York Deals we weren't able to fully promote with the ogr board. 

Ken jr.,

I have a close friend that used to be the president/COO of Lionel and was a VP for Bachman who always says that your grandfather and your dad were the best folks he dealt with. And now you have picked up the baton and running away with it for all you do for this hobby.
We all missed seeing you and your dad at York. We will see you at your next online presentation and quick recovery.

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