Skip to main content has partnered with OpenBorder to begin shipping to Canada. This will allow Canadian customers to participate in the Trainz Rewards program and earn points on every purchase, as well as join the Private Car membership to unlock additional benefits.

Full details here on our website!

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@robmcc posted:

Thanks Scott for giving us Canucks that option. Fortunately for me, I live a stones (or Timbits!) throw from the U.S., so I will continue to enjoy much cheaper shipping (and usually never any duties) when I pick up my purchases. Nonetheless, thanks for adding that feature for others!


It's been asked about for a long time. We don't offer Trainz Rewards points for eBay purchases, or the Private Car membership on eBay either. Being able to give these offerings and let Canadian customers purchase directly has been on the to-do list for a long time.

We're planning on expanding further afield in the future, but Canada is the first step. I would say one surprise was that our discount code software cannot be localized, so coupons and promotions that follow the Spend $X/Save $Y format are in USD, which as of right now means having to spend a little more in CAD thanks to the conversion rate. All the little hiccups you find when things go live!

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