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I just got a Lionel LW transformer to power most of my accessories. I use a couple of CW-80's to run the two-train layout and, up til now, the accessories. The grounds are tied together so I can use an outside rail to return train and accessory power. If possible, I would like add the common/return of the LW to the mix. I would like to know if this is doable and whether or not it will be necessary to phase the LW to the CW-80's.

Thank you.

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Are you actually using the outside rail to conduct the accessory power, or is it a buss wire that feeds the outer rail at multiple points? I would recommend the later.
You can use the LW tied to common if you phase it properly.

If it is just accessories that aren't tied to the track, phasing isn't too important, but by phasing you minimize the amount of voltage difference you will have between any two points on your layout should you accidentally bridge the points with a dropped tool or wire (or your moist body during summer.)

to expand on Pete's original question.

In 254 of OGR magazine Pet Barret has an interesting article about phasing accessory power with track power.

I used a CW-80 for track power and my 1950's 1033 to power the 0-22 switches, 6 of them.
After reading this article I removed the 1033 and powered the switches from the CW-80.
Is this really a necessity?

Best regards

Hi Pete, Yes you can mix the 3 like you think. I have personally done that with my LW & CW80s just this year on my Christmas layout.
Ok... Here's the rub. On the LW "A" is your ground NOT U! On your CW80s the ground is U on latter ones. A&B are ground on early ones. I need the date code on the lower right corner of the CW bottom label to tell if you have early or late.
Anyway to phase, hook them both up to layout. Turn all thottles to 50%. If you are good all will work & green lights on CW80s will be constant. If need phasing, the green light on CWs will flash fast (short circuit). Turn plug around on LW.
That simple!!
Very best, Don Johnson
Hi Goran, I have personally used the 1033 to power switches & CW80 to run trains without problems. It is my feeling with the power the bulbs take on 022 switches & controllers, you'll be running out of power fast with the CW80. The green light will flash slow if you are running low on power.
Remember on the 1033 U is not common, but throttle output. A or B is common on these, depending on what throttle voltage you want. Since using for accessories you can wire the 1033 in a few different ways. If what you were doing was working, you were fine.
Very best, Don Johnson
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