I was given this transformer when I purchased a postwar tanker and I’m curious if anyone knows what it is. It appears to have a neutral ie 0 volts output with the lever in the middle position.





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It looks home made. The lever/handle is probably from Marn-O-Stat, used to be offered in the Walthers catalogs. It was two rheostats with the center being off and reversing done by moving the lever in the other direction.

You might search the forum as I believed they have been discussed in the past.

RoyBoy posted:

It's a DC power supply for the old two rail guys. That finned thing is a selenium or copper oxide rectifier. I bet the polarity of the output voltage changes from the switch being at one end and with the switch at the other end.

Thanks! You’re correct abut the polarity reversal. As you pass through the center position, where you see the lever in the photo,  the polarity reverses. I have no intention of using it, I just thought it was pretty neat.

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