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I bought a "reconditioned" KW a couple years back. I tested and it worked fine. Shipped it from the Right Coast to the Left. That cost almost what I paid for the KW!!

Was not used until this Christmas season and one of the throttles and whistle button does not work.

Looking for a recommendation for a repair man in the Portland Oregon area or someone in OR or WA state that it could be shipped to.

Any help is appreciated!


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Hi Sam,   I don't have much to offer here,  You can call Eastside Trains in Kirkland WA, to see if they know anyone.  They have a repair desk, but I beleive its limited to recent purchases.

There is also the Electric Train Shop in Burien,  WA, which is between Seattle and Tacoma. 

THey both have web pages for contact info. 

Also,  you can try and fix it yourself,  the OGR Forum is able to help troubleshoot for you and maybe its an easy fix.


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