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The magnetic fields they are referring to are ones that would be strong enough to rip a wrench out of your hand if you got too close to it or something like a power distribution substation with transformers larger than you are.

I used to design and build these things many years but am long out of touch with current technology. This isn't the place to get medical advice, even from people who have received a device like this.


Norton, I agree this isn't the place to get medical advice, which is why I phrased my question the way I did---looking to see if anyone had seen anything specific. As I read the literature, it appears one should stay at least 6" away from anything like a model train transformer.  When I see to keep a distance of 6" for headphones and 12" for a battery charger, I wonder since the field around a train transformer would be greater than either of those.

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For the benefit of anyone interested, I will pass on a quote from Boston Scientific's "Electromagnetic (EMI) Compatibility Table
for Pacemakers, Transvenous ICDs, S-ICDs and Heart Failure Devices" under Electric Toy Train.  FYI, this is a 47-page compendium of devices; there are cautions about soldering guns also.

"Use precautions: Maintain at least a 6 inch (15 cm) separation between the transformer and the implanted device. Do not touch power rail, especially with wet hands."

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