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As several here know, I am autistic, on the higher functioning end of the spectrum most days.  Trains are my obession and passion since I was a very young child.  I have done up 1 LGB European passenger car and 3 Kalamazoo USA style cars for Autism.  I, like many autistics will flip/flop between what I am hyper focusing on within my obsession.  For me this is between European and American prototypes.  Also influenced by my need to use mostly tight R1 radius curves on my railway.  My live steam engine of choice is the Frank S, made by Aster in Japan for LGB.  Able to handle any curve radius made by LGB, chunky looking, lots of good detail and easy to run.  Mine has 2.4ghz RC control installed and working LED's in all 3 front lanterns. I used a past convention passenger car(price was right and it allowed me to cover most of the factory graphics).  I printed out the images first on normal printer paper to get sizing correct, then on photo paper.  I glued these images to the LGB car with a UHE brand glue stick.  This is one of the few brands of glue that will stick to the special plastic LGB used back then.  I added a Massoth LED light board to the ceiling and run it off a 9vt battery and a micro toggle switch hidden in the floor. I still need to add a light to the tail lantern.  My tail sign is a membership pin to the old G Scale Mad website that was based in the UK and a was a wonderful place to hang out.  First 2 pictures are from a steam up at the Huckleberry RR up in Flint Michigan.  The layout belongs to the Michigan Small Scale Live Steamers.   The third pic is from the recent open house at RLD Hobbies in Albion  IL.  That layout is battery or live steam only, no track power.  The shop specializes in large scale trains.  Last few pics are from my twilight run session tonight using my  LGB 2073d that has onboard battery power.  Enjoy.   Mike



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Its to bad your not in Florida. My daughter is on the lower end (Moderate to severe with Developmental delays). It would be great for my two other kids to meet someone who can function. Also would be a good way to maybe inspire others at her school F.A.C.E. Florida Autism Center for Excellence)   parents and teachers that there is hope.

My formal diagnosis is Asperger's Syndrome, but under the new DSM manual my therapist who diagnosed me says I would be somewhere between 1.5 and 2 on the 1-3 levels of ASD.  Some days I am not to bad, other days I need supports to function.  I can become non verbal when highly overwhelmed or injured.  My 2 subjects of intense interest are trains and old lawn mowers.  I turned the 2nd one into my career by learning how to repair them.  I am hoping to take my trains and set them up at a show or two this coming winter.   Mike

We are seeing much more in the ways of support for adult autistics now, with more being developed every day.  Seen yesterday they are building a neighborhood just for adult autistics in Knoxville TN, kind of like condos, with some being group with staff on hand, some like a normal condo shared by 2 autistics and some for just one person, all depending on income level and thier need for support staff.  All housing has easy access to support staff as needed.  I suspect we will see more of this in the coming years as all these kids grow past the age were most current supports are phased out.  I am planning the next passenger car for the train now, bought sticker paper at Staples office store yesterday after my wife and I went out to dinner.   Mike

Hopefully will start see more options here in Florida. My biggest fear is what happen after she turn 21 as she will still need a lot of support.

Good thing is I will be able to keep her under my TRICARE coverage until she turns 26. But still because of the affordable care act a lot of providers have dropped out of TRICARE and MEDICARE/MEDICAD. TRICARE more due to the Stricter reporting and vetting to prevent fraud(which is good). MEDICARE/MEDICAD (Rampet Fraud)not as strict but more for what they will get paid. Once again due to cuts to pay for the Obama Care. Ok been a long week due to her being real sick. But you provide encouragement with your posts and that helps.

Started organizing my train room, put up some shelves to hold most of the G scale I have, need to put one more shelf in yet to clear off my overhead loop in the living room so I can run trains this winter.  Also got started putting up the new benchwork for the small 2 rail O scale layout I am going to build this winter.  The top shelf are my friend's steamers that I caretake, only train that is mine is the cable car that is waiting on a battery to be installed.   Mike



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