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I have posted reviews of my first time going to York last fall and Trainstock two weeks ago.  Well yesterday did my first Amherst Show.  I am feeling like Secretariat must have felt almost 50 years ago.  I have completed the Triple Crown of the 3R world and had a winning season!

Yesterday my "big haul" of the show is shown below.

However the true "win" was meeting such a great bunch of people at these events.  Photos and recounting the events are the way, I tried to share the experience with those that couldn't attend.  But all I can say is "start clearing your calendars" so you too can attend.

BTW - Amherst was bigger than any Trainfest I ever attended in Milwaukee (over a span of about 30 years).

CP 18 Inch BoxCP 18 Dome Obs


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  • CP 18 Inch Box
  • CP 18 Dome Obs
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@Jerryrails posted:

LOL, I saw those K-Line cars and passed them up because I have no more room.

Good for you !!


You have more "will power" than I do.  I just could NOT pass them up at that price.

I keep spending my money on more cars.  At some point I have to stop, so I can afford to start building my layout!  The K-Line 18" cars are my favorites.  Almost bought some Lionel's a while back, but the trucks had disintegrated.

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