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I believe they are the DS-4-4-660 model as described here.


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That's what I thought, too, Mark. I have the NS  (#661) version, which a search shows as a DS-4-4-660. But the FlyerChief (there’s one on the left in the picture above) has 3 exhaust stacks, one of the features that distinguish an S-8 from a DS-4-4-660, which has 4 stacks in all of the photos I've seen that show their stacks. Maybe the Flyerchief is a hybrid, meant to model them both?

I can't believe it still runs well...

Great! That resolves it. DS-4-4-660 must have been configured with 4 stacks on some, and 3 stacks on others. I was perplexed by Jeff Wilson’s book, Model Railroader’s Guide to Diesel Locomotives, which has a photo of Norfolk Southern #662. The caption says it’s a NS-4-4-660 and has 4 exhaust Stacks... my photo of this, below, is pretty poor, but you’ll see what I mean about the stacks.  — Ken


I can't believe it still runs well...


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My curiosity piqued concerning the frames of Baldwin switcher offerings, I did a bit of research. It appears that somewhere along the line during the DS series of switchers, the frame corners were revised. SO, it does appear that some of the DS series can be missing the angled frame corners.

One of the fascinating aspects of Baldwin diesels: The company would introduce modifications and revisions to an existing line without the creation of a new designation.

As evidence, here's a builder's photo from Baldwin itself of what is captioned as a DS-4-4-750:



I found these, both labelled DS-4-4-660, at RailroadMichigan's web site. Voila -- these 660’s also have no angled gussets beside the stairs. If these are indeed DS-4-4-660s, another modification is the cover plate added on the front, over the grill, with those louvers.


I can't believe it still runs well...

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