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David Johnston posted:

That trolley was an amazing effort in cost reduction. The wheels are the commutator.  Probably fewer parts in this car than any other operating train. 

I gave it a quick glance the first time and didn't notice that until I read your post and went back. That really was some clever engineering. The axle looks like it's paddle-shaped to form the other electromagnet. Would probably run forever..brushless ! 


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franktrain posted:

I have the handcar version not a great runner.


 ive got one of these as well, it runs alot better if you put a drop of oil on the ends of the axles, at least until it slings it off. a cute conversation piece if nothing else, it looks nice on a siding if your going for a period correct look and really want a track speeder.

i imagine the trolleys would run better, due to the lower weight and smaller contact patch where the axles meet the frame. the handcars are surprisingly heavy for their size. 


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