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Visited this event yesterday, a few thoughts.  Boy that hall looks different without all of the vendors one would see at first frost.  The layouts on display are interesting and well detailed, and to a person everyone was friendly and engaging.  There was some interesting stuff being shown using 3d printing tech.  I am going to have to look into this further instead of waiting for and manufacturers to develop 3 rail light rail vehicles.

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@GaryR posted:

Here's a brief video of my 3D printed Windsplitter Interurban strutting its stuff on one of the modular layouts at the 2021 East Penn Trolley Meet in Allentown, PA on October 9, 2021. 2021_Meet.mp4

Hello Gary !

It was great meeting and speaking at length with you at the EPTC Allentown Meet on Saturday and inspecting closely your "windsplitter"  trolley interurban cars with your detailed oral presentation of them.  The video is great and shows the car running on my own and Jim Boylan's trolley modules. Your 3D print resin casting work end products are perfectly fine scale, smooth, clean, crisp and have NONE of the streaks, lines, or grainy finish of other 3D printer produced models of late. Beautiful finished models!

I am sure you know of me but here is my own O Scale Layout photos website:     My EL & TROLLEY PHOTO ALBUMS PAGE

And its Main Photostream Page:    My HO & O Scale Layouts Photos Main Page

regards -  Joe Frank

@necrails posted:

What i find remarkable is the level of detail and operational variety that can be included in a narrow space.  It seems everything o scale doesnt require massive curves after all if you pick the right venue.

I agree completely. The picture below is of a new beautiful O scale trolley module by Doug Cowperthwaite. Doug's module and the rest of the modular layout shown is also configured with DCC so cars can be run independently.

Ohio and lindiana, among others, were locations of almost statewide interurban routes that crisscrossed the states.  I have blundered on abandoned car barns and other facilities for .them.  That is overhead wired rail l would like to see modeled, but would not be the basis for a compact layout.  Wish these meets were more common and better advertised.  Not that l plan to model that history, but it is interesting, and the modeling sounds good.

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