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I have a 16' x 16' layout that is in its final stages of completion but I am having difficulty with some of the Atlas 3-rail switch motors (#6070 & #6071). While testing each motor I am finding that in some cases I am able to move the slide rod easily and the points move freely.  However, when applying power to the switch the points do not move smoothly and in some cases they will not reverse to their original position r they don't move at all.  I have thoroughly cleaned inside and out side of the motor housing, applied a small amount of WD-40 to the plastic parts and no success. The points appear to labor to move in either direction.  I cleaned all the ballast from around the throwbar with little to no success.  Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


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I have about 30 Atlas turnouts... love them.  A lot of coil fired switch motors can be fussy... and, I wouldn't use regular WD-40.  You are better off with WD-40 Contact Cleaner or CRC Contact Cleaner.  If you have ballasted... dust and other particulates will buildup/cling to lubricants.  It doesn't take much of an obstruction to cause problems.    I went with Tortoise... no more coil fired issues.

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Well, I'd certainly rather have the Z-Stuff DZ-1000 switch motors than the Atlas twin-coil ones, they are very prone to cooking a coil and they're dead.

No access below eliminates the really good switch machines like the Tortoise switch machines.

Atlas 6924 relay board was added to inhibit motor burn-out, along with other (dead rail) functions, that improved switch traverse.   

Probably difficult to find these boards.

Note: One board can operate a switched cross-over pair.  The 21 relay boards, pictured below, operate 24 switches.  There are (3) sets of paired cross-over switches.


DZ 1000 design has a switch, that dis-connects power to the switch motor, once the throw is complete.

The DZ 1000 requires the addition of a DZ1008 latching relay, for more complex switch functions.

Atlas 6924 Relay board wiring, with two track circuits, each track circuit is fused. Non-derail, auto switching is part of the relay function(s).


Have fun, Mike CT. 


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