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I have a die cast Lionel UP Genset Switcher, 6-28314. The little plated bracket on the bottom of the front truck that holds the pickup roller is loose allowing roller to create a short when going across a switch. The little bracket is fastened to the bottom of the truck with a little screw that comes through the truck from the top of the truck. I can’t get to the screw head to tighten it without taking the truck off of the chassis. Have been unable to figure out how to disconnect the truck so I can get to the screw head. I have taken the shell off but still can’t see a way to disconnect the truck. Please help!

Thanks, Bobby Cox

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Here's the top view of a truck:

There's a keyed section on top of it (outlined in red below because it's very hard to see above):

Remove the truck with the loose collector by turning it 90 degrees so that the keyed section on top of it (in red above) will drop down through the keyhole in the center of this mounting plate, which is attached to the frame:

Once it's out the rest should be easy, and then reverse this process to put the truck back.



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