Truck clip retainer help please

I am having a problem installing a truck retainer clip/pin on a log dump car.


This is the car in question. 


The old retaining pin I removed is on the left, new one on the right.


This is as far as I can get the pin to seat. Is there a trick to getting these in?


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Ah, so that's what those are.. I have some nos somewhere. 

If pushing doesn't get it in, it may need a bit filed off the seam edges so it can close a HAIR more.

  It would likely need a thin points file (contact point files are very thin. An automotive version for old school ignition distributors is what I use for a thin file.)

  A good diamond dust metal fingernail file is an alternative. (thicker though)

I also see a slot. That doesn't fit over something does it? If so, is it aligned?

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Success! I used a large pair of needle nose pliers to get it started, and a small hammer to get it the rest of the way in.  Thank you for the help. A quick trip around the track with a stop on the activation track to dump some logs great.

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