I have a Smoking Caboose which is not getting a good contact with the outside ( ground ) rail.  ( of course it could be the Center also - but seems to be the outside ) ( I have cleaned the roller center contact)  This 1988 truck has what looks like a connection inside the Truck to the axle.  And it appears to be a BIG task to repair this truck.   I see where Lionel wants $16 for the complete truck - which is beginning to appear to be the best action.   But I wanted to ask if there's a way to open up this truck and repair the electrical connections.   It appears the truck sides are plastic and the axles don't conduct to the body so there may be a friction spring on the axle - used as a pick-up.  ?

Thanks for any insight -----  ( actually $16 isn't to bad a price -- for this part = looks like you have to bend stuff around to gain access -- and parts will need to be pressed-in to replace?  ) 


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Would it be a better idea to replace the Truck with an all metal one?.  This may be a better solution for the electrical connections?

Does Lionel make an all metal one that would fit this Caboose?    THANKS in advance...  Seems like I remember some advertisements that talked about all metal trucks being made again by Lionel???.  

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