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Picked up a crane and a cement mixer today. I may go back for a dump truck. Unfortunately my local store did not have (and never had) any of the bucket trucks; I would have bought all of them. I am thinking that the bucket truck may be 1/43 as I have one already that exactly matches the one in the photo above. The manager told me that they (again, my local store) never got any and probably will not. He did suggest their website, though.

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Nice little "scene".  The truck w/ cherry picker, working a light array- great idea.

We sometimes get lost in the weeds planning BIG upgrades, buildings etc.   

But, a small scene adds a lot of detail and interest for visitors easily in 20-30 minutes. I place them on strips of styrene that can be moved around.  I place them on small sections of track that are not used regularly for running trains. 

if you are "operating" the railroad, you could even have say a track gang (Maintenance of Way or MOW) as a delivery point on the line for flatcar loads of ties and/or rail . The train supplying them would need a crane car, several flat cars, a work caboose to go with the crane car, a gondola w/ ballast, and maybe a backhoe for transferring ballast to trackside, and a couple of pickup trucks..  Then in a yard, have a "MOW base" where the track gang gets its supplies- piles of ballast, (another) backhoe, stacks of rail and ties.  A second stop in an operating session.

(I will post pics later,but...)

- I have a Harry Truman (1948) campaign train, I have people listening to his speech- Harry and Bess on the "porch" of the Observation car.  The speech location moves around from scene to scene.

Any other ideas??

@Mike Wyatt posted:

But, a small scene adds a lot of detail and interest for visitors easily in 20-30 minutes. I place them on strips of styrene that can be moved around.  I place them on small sections of track that are not used regularly for running trains.

I really like the idea of moveable scenes. I can see moving things around once in a while giving new life to the layout. Can't have the cops always arresting a guy outside the bowling alley after all. Stuff happens at the pool hall, too.

A close-up of Hi-Rail equipment on an NS pickup:

NS Hi-Rail truck-01NS Hi-Rail truck-02

Note that the rear tires actually "ride" on the rail and propel the truck.

As an aside, what ever the speedometer shows in MPH, that is what speed it is traveling at; a friend and I were on an authorized inspection trip on the line to Atlantic City, NJ (long before Amtrak and no trains had used it for several years) and he had the thing up at least 65 mph; far above any rule book speed restrictions. We asked him to slow down (no measurable result) and then I had a brilliant idea; I asked if I could drive. "Sure." he said; we switched and 25 to 30 mph was the result; I remembered that figure from some rule book that I had read. All-in-all, it was a fun weekend. BTW, end result of the inspection trip was that there was not enough industry on the line to justify a return of freight service.


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I am thrilled to find this topic. I bought 8 of the dump trucks for my Cleveland Collin-wood coaling facility. I know they are not period correct but we don't care about prototype here in the rust belt. I have included some pictures of them weathered. 4 inbound with coal loads I installed, and a few outbound after dumping.I plan on getting some figures of the guys standing around shooting the shi$$ while waiting to go in.See what you think.I love these tractor supply trucks!



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D6774F38-8F17-4DD9-81CC-9A73F539AC78Thanks for the tip! I got there today and bought the only one left. I was really hoping to find the Mack cement mixer, but the hunt continues!! I was able to get this garbage truck for $9.60 which is a great deal.

Big Pete I tried to e mail you but it says disabled. I have one extra cement truck from TS you can have it just pay postage. It shouldn't be much. Merry Christmas, Nick

Got to ride in a 'maintenance' truck 'on-the-rails' twice. I'll not disclose the line or location, but you'll understand the 'situation!'

There was a local coal mine that had its miners on strike. My RR friend was to go out and put on a 'derailer' so that no disgruntled person could cut lose a coal car and cause a 'situation' on the main line. Just as he had finished the installation a group of strikers spotted us from a bridge a short way down from the siding where we were stopped. With all of the yelling and screaming, we QUICKLY jumped back into the truck and got out of there REAL FAST!

The second time was when my friend got a call that some signals were down and he had to put the truck 'on-track' so that we could look for a possible downed wire or something shorting out the track. It was night and he put the search light on and was following the wires as we rode the rails. All of a sudden he stopped and with the light we could see the wire moving from one pole to the next, as if it was alive and leaving the job. And, it was! But it was attached to the back of some vehicle that was pulling down the copper wire to steal it!

My friend stopped, put the truck in reverse, and back we went to the 'put-on' point where we had started. While we were 'backing up' he put a call in to 'dispatch' and advised them of the 'theft-in-progress.' I asked why he didn't just try to find them. He said, "That's why they have railroad cops - you just don't know how 'prepared' these guys may be!"

For me - it was fun - just didn't understand how 'risky' my rides had been!

@hokie71 posted:

what am I missing? the original post picture has one for $14.99 less 25%,  The ones on Amazon are three for $25?

Wow, how cool would it be if you just found and even better deal for people to be happy about?

I'm pretty sure just by looking at them that they aren't the "exact" same trucks, but they'd probably be perfect for someone. Thanks for finding them.

I feel like I just robbed a toy store!!!

There’s a new Tractor Supply store that just opened near me after having its grand opening day pushed back from the beginning of December. They had the toy isle fully stocked for the holidays with massive markdowns! I didn’t leave one truck behind! Still no bucket trucks found at any of my local stores. F55EB4E7-7015-4926-B329-29E14DC944C6


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