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After recovering from the re-model and the holidays I’m getting back to the cabooses.  I cut out 6 EJ&E, 2 Erie and gonna shed bay windows on 4 Southern cabs. Still a long way to go. Tomorrow I plan to cut out 2 NYC Big 4 cabs and 3 Milwaukee rib sides. After all of these are finished I plan to do all N&W for a while, CF’s and cattle cars.



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I’m considering the SU boxcars, looking for plans now.

Sorry I don't have any good plans to point you to.  I have a few pics.  Beyond that I suspect everything I know of you already know.  There's the article on them in the Steam Era Freight Car website .   There are these pictures of the Westerfield HO kits.  I am not sure if it shows up in the SRHA freight car diagrams, or even if it did whether those diagrams would provide any useful information.  The following page contains information on the evolution of the car:   2 (1528×2023)

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