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My son's SD45 has been at a shop awaiting warranty repair for 6 months.  The only thing we can get out of them is they believe the truck gears are bad.

I have been trying to ID the part number for the truck on the MTH Products page but I am not having much success.  Probably user error.

I thought maybe someone here might be able to assist with either the P/N or a way I can find the P/N.  I thought with MTH parts being at York, maybe I could try to obtain the part next week and just repair this thing myself.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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Unfortunately, with the changes at MTH, your repair shop is likely in the same boat as many of the rest of us - unable to research and locate parts. While MTH Parts is not likely to be bringing a huge inventory of all parts, I would try to reach out to them ASAP so they have the opportunity to potentially offer to bring you what you need.

Edit: I am not intending to excuse the repair shops inferred lack of communication, but provide a possible explanation.

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What gears on the truck? inside? outside?

I'm just asking as I have not run into this. What did it do, run erratically?

I'm getting this 4th hand.  So who knows the truth or what is really wrong.

The well known shop in Eastern PA has a warranty repair guy off site.  The repair guy communicates with the shop who then communicates to my son, who then tells me.

The engine would sort of stutter a bit at slow speeds.  My initial thought was the tac reader, but the shop is telling my son the truck gears are bent.  I have no idea which ones or how badly.

Me...I would have just run it faster.  I only saw this problem when the engine was at a snails pace.


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