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2 Questions.  

1) Is anyone familiar with Classic Trains Standard gauge Track?  They advertised around 1989-90 and we bought some nice tubular track from them.  Possibly made in USA?  Are they still around or does anyone else make the track now from that tooling?

2) What is the best new production std gauge tubular track? (with the traditional style and profile)  Does anyone use original Lionel tooling for this?


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Mike,  The U.S.A. track is the best. We are the exclusive dealer for the U.S.A. line. It is in stock for  The track comes in 4 tie or 6 tie straight, 3 tie 1/2 straight or curved,  5 tie full 42" curved, and 7 tie 72" curved. 3 ft. straight is 10 or 13 tie.  The 54" is only available direct from U.S.A.  Harry 

For the best deal on USA Track, join SGMA, build some SGMA modules, and then participate with SGMA at train shows. 

USA Track provides a 10% discount to all SGMA members, who are currently bringing their SGMA modules to train shows. 

In addition, USA Track will sell track to all SGMA members at a 25% discount for installation on their SGMA module(s). 

Finally, USA Track makes and sells only to SGMA members a variety of "special custom" tracks not available from any other source.

My recommendations to get the best deals on Standard Gauge track:  Join SGMA, build some SGMA modules, and then have a blast participating with SGMA at train shows. 

Hope to see and talk to you at the SGMA layout at Trainfest 2017.

Bob Nelson

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