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On my new layout in my new home of Colorado I want more of a 50s toy train fun feel to it.  But...I still want to run some HiRail 072 minimum engines on an outer loop.

Love their tubular track.  Where would I get turnouts in this day and age to match the Menards tubular?  Anyone making them?  I wish Menards would.  Awesome store.

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None that I'm aware of.  The Menards track is the same height as Lionel O-scale track, so the switches should be a perfect fit.  FWIW, certain locomotives will run better on flat top track than tubular, and others will run better on tubular than flat top track.  I've had issues both ways.  I have tubular and Fastrack, both rounded profile rails, and the club has Atlas track, with the flat top rails.

johnshorse posted:

Any problems with Hi Rail wheels running on 072 Lionel or RMT turnouts?

the modern Lionel O72 switches causde so many problems on my layout I got rid of them, the modern O31's too. I run pre and postwar, so I don't need the O72, and reworked the layout to use oder postwar O31 turn outs everywhere. The option that a lot of people suggested at the time was the old K-Line supersnap switches. These are currently offered by both Lionel and RMT, but I don't know if the quality/performance has changed any. Good prices on the O72s from the RMT web site, not going to beat that price on anything close. 


If you're running any prewar tinplate, the RMT (now O-Line Reproductions) switches are great. I researched all the switch manufacturers a few years ago when designing my layout and found these to be the only brand that is truly compatible with tinplate trains as well as modern trains. has the best prices on the market. 



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   Ross normally has a scale look, switch motors are seperate, frogs and rail wiring is not done because it's expected to be custom tailored to the individuals needs by the modeler. No assumtions of methods/options is built in there; "a blank slate" provides easier customization.

The 'Tinplate" is closer to a 'plug and play' unit.

  One note: I think the Ross Tinplate turnout line still interferes with the fat driver tinplate locos like Marx's. If you ever want to run a fat wheel loco, the old Marx electric turnouts give full operating ability. They can pass only straight, and in only one direction going through a Lionel turnout (fat wheel against the long straight rail). (fat because the gear reaches all the way to the flange's backside making it way fatter than other flanges. The fat wheels bump up on turnout guide rails & frogs.

Nothing like the original bullet proof Lionel O22 or 711 switches. They will line up with Menards Tubular exactly, have built in non-derailing features, can be powered by track or auxiliary wiring with out any "customization" and compatible with just about anything out there, and better yet, prices are better than anything else. I saw many pairs of O22's in original boxes, complete, for $30 at the last train show. I have over 50 of these style switches and don't have a need to use anything else.

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