Turn Your Favorite Paint Scheme into Reality! Enter the M.T.H. Freight Car Deco Contest

Dig into your files, archives or library — or your desk drawer — and send M.T.H. the prototype paint schemes you’ve always wanted to see on a Premier or RailKing freight car.

This is your chance to show us The Cars You’ve Always Thought We Should Make and have them become reality — and have your fellow hobbyists know it was your idea that got them made!

The Freight Car Deco Contest will have up to 3 winners; each winner will receive $100 in M.T.H. rolling stock of their choice, plus a copy of their winning car when it is produced. Check out the contest rules at

Deadline for submissions is midnight Tuesday July 31, 2018.


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I submitted in May! I hope I win!


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Dwight: I'm rebuilding a turn of the century steam engine in my slaughter house.
Toby: That's so cool.
Dwight: Yeah. 
Toby: Wow, I'd love to take a look at that. 
Dwight: Yeah, it's just a run of the mill slaughter house, but sure anytime.
Toby: Well, you know, 'cause of the trains. 

(From The Office)



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