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Finished the Plastruct storage towers and placed them in the fuel depot.  Still have to decide which decals should be on the depot. The asphalt is the mix of fine cinders and white glue described by Ericstrains - I think it came out well - thanks Eric !


Yes I know we do not put petroleum products into carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen tanks. 


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@Jay Francis posted:

Which are you leaning towards Jeff? To my eye the chicken grit is too light but the #16 looks more natural.

Jay, I am not a fan of light ballast, but its is used all over the Midwest by the railroads - limestone is pretty cheap.  This layout will likely be coming down in a year or so (due to a planned move), so I wanted to try a few ideas for the next layout.  The grit is decomposed granite so it has all kinds of colors so its not bad. I think I would tumble it for a while to knock off the sharp edges if I were to use it again, but I think buying commercial ballast is probably a better idea. (But - grit is super inexpensive) 

The #20 is supposed to be O scale size. I ended up with the #16 because it was super cheap from Trainz and I needed more ballast to finish the tracks. I think I like the #20 better color wise. The photo angle is giving a slight change to the Ross track above and below - ignoring the brown ties of the Gargraves flex top right. The #16 is more uniform in color, with the #20 having the lighter grey pieces sprinkled in.

Working on the detail is therapy in these days of Covid.  Anyway just building up skills so I know about what I can do when planning the next layout.

Saw a layout plan where there was no lift-ups or lift-outs, but used helixes to turn around (and up). Pretty interesting but it was an HO layout.   by mpeterll  I will run a couple of ideas on Scarm to see how much room that would need for O and 72 and 88 curves (double mainline).

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