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Wow, time flies.  Decided to lay in Masonite backdrops. Here are the results. Even though the paint is a flat grey/blue it reflects light better, making the rom seem larger and brighter. The upper levels were removed to aid the install.


Following on an older discussion, I really am having doubts on the middle island. An idea that keeps returning is building a dock for a small water feature. I am thinking about shifting the island "left" 6 inches (that still leaves 18 inches to access the wall area.  On the inner right side (actually left side at that point) parallel with the lower yard adding a long warehouse along the track would add visual interest and switching operations potential. I see running the layout mainly from the right side of the layout.

Saw the post from Todd's Architectural Models and their backdrop warehouses - got the ideas flowing. @Todds Architectural Models  Now to figure out how to make it happen.

@DoubleDAZ Dave - its been awhile, if you have any suggestions here, I would appreciate comments. Space is 2x5 for the island surface - give or take. I'll have to go back and review the waterfront ideas posted earlier.  Jeff


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@RSJB18 posted:

The backdrops look good Jeff.
I like the shift of the island too. An ore or coal dock scene with a big freighter in the water would be a real statement piece. The height would be a good visual break between the two sides of the layout too.

Wow, Bob.  Those would be great, but are massive.  Ore from the Missabe Range was hauled to Conneaut, Ohio, right on the Pennsylvania state line, then hauled by the B&LE to the mills in Pittsburgh.  They passed within a mile of where I live.

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