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I've decided to take a break from my research on and building  of wire-following cars, trucks and buses for a week or two - or maybe three.  Eleven weeks straight working on them sort of burned me out for a while.  It was just too much of a good, if very challenging and intricate things, so a vacation is in order, with something to divert me from them. 

 So, I am going to be building two church kits, both still in their box in the photo below.  The bigger box is the new church kit from TW TrainWorx - laser-cut fiberwood.  It will be my first TrainWorx kit, and I am completely unfamiliar with these kits,  but a quick look indicated it seemed to be really good quality.  The second and smaller box is one of the City Builder series of cardstock models - I've built several of those kits before and am very impressed with what they can do with nothing but thick paper.  Despite the difference in the size of the boxes the churches are (advertised to be) both O-Scale and roughly the same size.  Depending on how they look I may end up with one or both on the layout.   


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Ill be interested in seeing these built........I have card stock buildings but never that Brit company.  

I have yet to finish my Gothic Church I started years ago!!!

The Pegasus folks sold a bunch of these kits to us model RR!!


I used to live a couple of miles from Pegasus and bought a half dozen of their gothic kits.  I am finally turning one into the Old Main building at Utah State University.  Totally different architecture, and some custom features, mostly various roofs, but it will suffice.  When finished it will be sand colored with white trim  I gotta tell you that fitting "glass' to the windows is a four square, star spangled, diamond studded b---h!  I'm finally insetting a frame behind each wall  about a quarter inch, and using velum for glazing.  From a few feet away it should work.


I'm also using the same left over pieces for a dark brick red with white trim Presbyterian church that was next door to our house when I was a kid.  I have to makea peaked roof for the main structure and a flat roof for the belfry....and, yes, it did have bats.

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