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I have a Lionchief Plus RS-3 and a Lionchief 0-8-0 from the United States Military set. They have been working fine.

They will fire up, lights on, horn bell work, smoke work. However when I try forward or reverse they seem to short out and all they turn off. If I press down on them they try to turn back on. But still totally lose power.

I have cleaned the wheels and track. I even put the train and power supply on a separate 30" section of track and nothing.

I use 2 of the Lionel 72 watt, 18V, power supply units.  I have 8 Amps.

I am still new to this. Have I done something wrong to affect the engines?

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Newbee lesson learned...track maintenance...I was working on the layout and kicked up a bit of drywall dust...I thought I had done a " decent" job cleaning the track. But that is exactly what it was " a decent job". Not a perfect job. After a " better" second cleaning all works well.

Tack maintenance...track maintenance..track..I got it know !

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