Two New Uncataloged S Gauge Boxcars Released by MTH

Chuck K posted:

I spoke to Dave Blum of Pikesville Models at the convention, and yes, he has cut a deal with MTH for 4 new beer reefers.


Make that 3.

I emailed Dave about the new reefers and he replied that the artwork for the Sport Beer car was unreproducible. The other three cars images, grainy at best, can be seen by entering the stock numbers in the search bar...35-78029 (Bock), 35-78031 (Schmidt), 35-78032 (Pfaff).

All the cars are $60.00 each.

jim sutter posted:

International Harvester PS-2 covered hopper


I would love to see them produce these cars in "S" Gauge.

I would go for an International Harvester covered hopper if for no other reason than I had a preowned 1970 International Harvester Scout way back when in the early 70's.  4 cylinder, 2-wheel drive, manual steering, manual drum brakes, manual 3-speed transmission, no radio, no A/C, bench seat, no rear seat. 

It rode and handled like a brick. 

It was wonderful.


Rusty Traque posted:

Of course, all this "I'd like to see" is just an exercise. 

It appears all we're going to get out of MTH for now is a handful of uncataloged billboard reefers and some convention cars hopefully delivered before their respective events.


Write 'em off mentally. Then anything they do will be a bonus.  I am much more interested in what Des Plaines (S Scale America) releases, and Ron told me he has something coming soon on top of the thrall gondolas released earlier this year. Not to mention AM is supposedly working on something new too.

Chuck's post mentions "coming soon" surprises from De Plains and AM, and I understand Big L is making the same kind of sounds. Only MTH seems to be sleeping. I don't know if this is just "Hype" or wishful thinking by many folks. I have learned not to "hold my breath" at these "teasers" but it helps keep the flicker of the flame going.


David "two rails" Dewey

I've also stopped holding my breath.  There's been too many rumors or "coming soon" announcements that wound up becoming pure vapor for whatever reason.

The only thing I can usually count on for sure is that if American Models announces something, it's already in stock or will be within a few weeks.


jonnyspeed posted:

Any news on MTH releasing a catalog this year? They were saying last Fall, then delayed to Summer. Not expecting much, just have bothered to pay attention in a while...

Roundhouse Bill posted:

No Catalog in the future as I see it.

Well, here's the latest story taken from the Yahoo S-Trains board:

"Thank you for your online submission expressing your concern about the 
recent discounting of S Gauge products and how that may portend M.T.H.'s 
future S Gauge direction.  We certainly appreciate your interest in our S 
Gauge products and future direction and look forward to your continued 
support of M.T.H. Electric Trains.

M.T.H. is currently developing our 2019 S Gauge production plans with a 
promotional catalog planned for later this year.  The current discounted 
products are left over inventory from our initial rolling stock releases of 
several years ago.  We're still committed to the product line and recently 
received two new S Gauge Box Cars featuring Norfolk Southern 
<>Veteran's and 
<>First Responders deco.


Andy Edleman
Vice President - Marketing
M.T.H. Electric Trains"

Seems to me we've heard something like this several times before, so take it with...




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