Ive been searching online and Im having trouble finding a typical consist for a 1938 era Broadway Limited.

Im interested in knowing what, if any Head End was used. I have seen some examples of the BM70 RPO cars. were any B660 ever used?

After head end, what order did the sleepers, diner, lounge etc typically go?

Were any Through Sleepers used at this time? Would they typically been Santa Fe, UP, or anything else?



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1938 Broadway Limited (most likely the maiden run of the "Fleet" cars):

PRR M70 RPO HW (heavyweight), PRR B70 baggage HW, two Pullman City 18-roomette LW, Pullman Harbor 2-double-bedroom bar-lounge car LW, PRR D70 bedroom-diner HW, Pullman Imperial 4-compartment, 4-double bedroom, 2-drawing-room car LW, Pullman County 13-double-bedroom car LW, Pullman View 2-master-room,1-double-bedroom, buffet-lounge observation,LW.

This from the book "Pennsy Streamliners The Blue Ribbon Fleet".


greg773 posted:

Thanks Guys!

Joe, I was just looking at that book on Amazon and debating ordering it!

Well worth it. I got mine on Amazon years ago. 50 pages devoted to the Fleet of Modernism and the engines that pulled them, including the 4 non-Loewy streamlined K4s. The entire book is 160 pages. I've ordered a number of used books from Amazon. Most came in better condition than I expected.

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