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Question for the community:  What is preferred: one uncoupling track at the "throat" of the yard tracks or one such track section at the entrance to each yard track?  In my case, there are 5 yard tracks, plus arrival/departure tracks.  Coil couplers on locos take care of the latter.  But car classification inspires the question.

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I place an uncoupling track in the straight section, near the switch for each track in the yard. This is the only way I can think of to efficiently reshuffle the cars in the classification yard. If you place the uncoupler too close to the curve at the switch, the cars may not uncouple due to one of the couplers being at an angle. (worse for the large traditional couplers.)


The uncouplers are labelled with a CP logo beside an LED light (that indicates if the uncoupler is energized)


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