Under The Hood: Time To Tidy Up!

Every couple of years, I do a general workbench cleanup and rearrange.  Here's the before shot: 


And after:


(We shall speak of this no longer.) 


The main objective of this exercise was to move the grinder, soldering gun and motor tool over to the right of the bench, making them easier to get at. 


I also added a magnetic toolbar. 


The parts box drawers were also rearranged.   Here, Fortescue can be seen in his office,  dictating to his secretary, Mrs.  Grbzowski.  


The first project on the freshly cleared work surface was to apply decals to this Matchbox truck, belonging to a buddy of mine in New York: 


I'd been leery of the project, as decals that small are somewhat fiddly.   However,  a YT vid by "Marty's Matchbox Makeovers" clued me in to the probability that these were, in fact, self-adhesive stickers,  which made decorating a snap! 



It's crackers to give a rozzer the dropsy in snide!


Remember, SCROUNGE!


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I just try to keep it looking like this most of the time.  If I clean up after a project, it's way easier than a massive reorganization after working in a mess for a long time.  I can't stand working on a bench covered with junk.  It's also a ton easier to work if you don't have a ton of stuff that has nothing to do with the project at hand covering the workbench.

Small parts in the drawers, larger stuff is in the labeled plastic bins below.



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Mine looks more like Mitch's if only he would have waited a few more years before straightening up. 

M. Mitchell Marmel posted:

(We shall speak of this no longer.) 




It is this, the 'unspeakable' stuff, that is killing me! My bench is just covered with it, some of which is still new with no allotted space to store it properly! Only about a 12" x 12" accessible work space left. It's those ebay links I keep finding around here!   I just can't resist these things, I'm extremely weak. When I see one, my right forefinger automatically hits the 'Buy It Now' button and then immediately follows with the 'Pay with PayPal' button. I really have no control over it...    Maybe I need to contract with Fortescue for some assistance here!   

It has been my experience when supervising over 40 repair techs, repairing everything from power supplies, to pcbs, to cash dispensers, to MICR readers, that they all have distinctive workbenches, and that messy benches can be as productive as neat benches. The messy bench techs seem to work faster, but spend more time looking for tools and parts, while the neat bench guys are slow and methodical in their repairs, but they can sometimes reach for a tool with their eyes closed ... And it's there! Personally watching and timing the neat bench lads drove me pretty much crazy, and the sloppy bench guys made me want to getup and just shake my head while walking away. I'm somewhere in between, always cleaning at the finish of each job ... Or two. Whatever works for you is what works for you - that simple.

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