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Rich, I loaded two more photos  on the Cherry Valley thread on the 2 rail forum but for some reason they did not take as before.  You have to click on the thumb nails to see them??? 


In any event, one is normal the other is turned?????   Four photo total two right, two wrong??  No complaint here either way.  Thanks, Tom Thorpe

I have not seen the thread involved because I need the URL. Either copy it or use the little red flag for that. I rarely visit the 2-rail forum.


Some thoughts come to mind.


  1. Are you posting these directly from the camera or the camera's card?
  2. If so, do you have Auto-Rotate turned on in the camera? That could be why this is happening.
  3. You should save the pictures to your computer first, then post them here.

Tom Tee,


 What computer are you using, PC or Mac?    What you describe happening is a function of your editing software, not the forum.   What's most likely happening is when you save your edited on your computer, it is also saving the original EXIF file with it.   The EXIF file has all the original data, especially orientation, from the original photo as downloaded from your camera.


  Some websites don't look at EXIF, others do. My guess is Hoopla does.  Not a fault, just the way they decided to code. 

So, even if you edited a  right side up picture to appear upside down, when you upload it to a site that read the original EXIF information, that upside pic would show up online right side up, as you took it.


This is also why your pics upload the way you want on other sites.  Those sites don't look at EXIF orientation info.


Depending on your camera and editing software there's a couple way to "fix" this.

1. Do not use auto orientation

2. Your software may have a box to check that says "save EXIF?" when you go to save your edited photo.


Hope this helps.



PC Dell w/ optional XP (not vista) 1525.  Cannon SD600.


All Cannon photos only loaded to computer.


All photos stored on computer as received.


Any forum postings only direct from computer.


All photos used as shot in a landscape display format.


No photos turned on my computer.


All photos emailed to others remain in the landsape position.


The photo with track laid on the module has up loaded it's self on this forum in both a portriat and a landscape display. 


It also loads either as a normal photo or as a X box where the thumb nail needs to be opened to view picture.  Again this is of the processe's own decision.  No seeming rhyme or reason.  I have had it occure both ways.  Again same photo, picture card, no manipulation.

Tom, I think there is something in your work flow between your camera and your computer that is doing this. The EXIF data may be part of the issue. 


I have not been able to duplicate this behavior with images that I took and then purposely rotated one way or the other. Every image I tested with came into the forum exactly the same way I see it on my computer and in Photoshop.


This one has me scratching my head.


I have gotten Hoopla Tech Support involved in this, just in case. Here is what I sent to them:


Would you take a look at this thread on our Hoopla forum?


I have not been able to duplicate the situation explained in that thread, consequently I can't help the member much in the way of advice.


Is this a local issue with the members camera/computer or is there something in Hoopla that would do this?

I'll keep you posted on their reply.


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