Walter Anderson posted:

Will or has Lionel produced the Cheyenne business car 103?

Why not eMail them and ask? You also might provide information on what that business car looks like.

Well, I  thought it might have been discussed here. I've seen somewhere they like to keep surprises under wraps.

Basically it's a "tail" on the train. Has the porch design, where you can stand outside and enjoy the view.

If you're a politician. You can make stump speeches crisscrossing the nation.

Sorry not able to share a picture.

They have not but could possibly do it in the future as they have the Kenefick Business Car in the Fall catalog to go with the Bush Funeral Train. I would love to see them do the Cheyenne as well. I got a private tour of that car back in college when UP Solicitor General out of Houston had the business train in Austin, Texas.

The next best thing would be to find K-Line's 18" Union Pacific Arden Business Car.

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