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Well I thought that today I might post what you could say was..."a face only a mother could love".  The Union Pacific M10,000 articulated streamliner by Marx from 1936-37.

Here is the front power car showing the correct side lettering identifying the fact that the car contained a United States Railway Post Office (RPO).  Marx made this set in several color combinations.

Marx M10k front car

Like I said, a face only a mother could love

Marx M10000 front view [2)

Top view showing the exhaust vents (simulated) for the engine and the first articulated coach.

Marx M10k top

Here is the entire train (note there is another coach in this set, others can have more I removed that for space) the last car is labeled "Buffet Lounge"

Marx M10000 side view train [2)

Well that is my UP train for today.

Best Wishes



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  • Marx M10k front car
  • Marx M10000 front view (2)
  • Marx M10k top
  • Marx M10000 side view train (2)

I knew I had this video, it just took me a while to find it. My Lionel 2033 AB set with an MTH Snow Plow. Hope this works. (I apologize for the excessive panning. I had to edit the size of this video file to fit the constraints of the max download. It zoomed in the video as well. I'm surprised I was able to do what I did.)


Videos (1)
2033 with Snow Plow_Trim

I received a MIB 2000 Union Pacific 4-6-2 Pacific Saturday which replaces a UP 2-8-0 Consolidation. The Consolidation had quit smoking again, so rather than mess with another repair, I just sold it as is on Ebay and got $49 more than I'd paid for it almost 2 years ago.

I like the forlorn sound of the steam whistle on the new Pacific and it'll pull out a tree stump.



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Well just to keep this thread going, because I love the pictures and videos that others have posted, I will add my very small contribution.  After the incredible detail contained in everyone's pictures, especially the loco posted by PRRonbh this should be considered the complete opposite end of the detail / scale distribution.  Anyway here is the Marx 6" UP cattle car.

Cattle Car 5

Best wishes to all on this Monday.  Have a healthy and happy week.



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  • Cattle Car 5

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