Lionel already has the 1111 in their 2019C2 catalog - the don’t have pictures yet but they said there will be a separate announcement. 

As a railroad employee, I believe the slogan on the 1111 should be changed to read “Powered by the tears of our people.” 

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Ray of sunshine posted:

Really like what UP is doing, not only for the employees,

You ARE kidding, right? What with all the major yard closings and employee lay-offs, I'd be willing to bet many/most employees are NOT all really all that happy/pleased with that ugly looking thing.

but for the hobbyist and our Country as a whole.

But I'm hoping that Lionel beats MTH to the finish. 



Dr. Jack posted:

I predict MTH will have this Locomotive for sale sortly.


I hope so.  I'm in for one with scale wheels. I'd also be in for a matching caboose, even though they're fantasy units.

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