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The short answer is "Yes".  The long answer is "You may not want to ."

This engine is pre-DCS, which is not necessarily a bad thing. To convert to PS3, you will need to gut the existing electronics package completely, boards, speaker, couplers, light, the works. Then you will need to acquire 2 upgrade kits. I say this, b/c to the best of my knowledge, MTH never issued an upgrade kit specifically for a trailing unit in an AA or AB  combination. Then you need to do the full installation twice, and then install the appropriate programing files. Honestly, IDK if MTH issued a centipede in PS2. If they did not then there is unlikely a set of PS2 sound files for it. The other elephant in the room is the availability of PS3 conversion kits. Of late, these have been scarcer than hen's teeth.

If I missed something, I'm certain others will jump in.

Best of luck with the project.



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