I would think that Amfleet II cars would be more likely to be possible if the project is done in aluminum. The main difference is the larger windows and the single vestibule.  That is fairly straight forward to do in aluminum and either requires a slide tool or a separate tool in plastic.

Jonathan Peiffer


Hopefully the fact that Scott stated he can manufacture smaller numbers now this means the Amfleet has better odds of being made.  Afterall, I think there were only 50 sets of Silver Meteors made.  

I think an artists rendering in an add placed in OGR magazine or Passenger Train Journal could pump sales.   A few big dealers certainly could stock a few sets of these and move them.    Maybe Nicholas Smith in the east and Public Delivery track out west would do well to stock these.  And not all 2 rail !

So glad to see that this isn’t dead. I was beginning to consider picking up some MTH Amfleets and doing my best to not complain constantly about the length. 

VistaDomeScott posted:

I like my MTH Amfleet cars but they are 3 inches shy of mixing well with my 21" GGD, Lionel, K-Line, Kasiner, and Alexander cars.

I am with you, which is why I asked again.  MTH did an excellent job with their Amfleets, especially the last run which fixed that dreadful dark blue paint.  I 'try' not to be a rivet counter, but it just seems wrong to me to model an Amtrak train where the Amfleet is the same length as the baggage cars.  I run the Atlas Horizons at the moment, as they are the best Amtrak scale-length cars available IMHO.  However, Horizons did not frequent the Northeast (including the Keystone/Harrisburg lines, where my modelling interests lie) and look a little odd with AEM7s.  It wasn't unheard of to see them however, and I'll take that over non-scale-length cars.  I would probably unload them and the MTH cars with inaccurate paint once the GGD Amfleets arrive.

Hopefully Scott and Co. can get the reservation site updated soon; I would like to get my name on a set.  I agree that with those updates and perhaps a word to Nicholas Smith, Western Depot, etc., there should be sufficient orders to proceed.

Nate Murry

pantenary aht gee-male dawt comm.

I want to put together a true Am-mix of Heritage,  Amfleet, Horizons.   The Lake Shore Limited,  Three Rivers, Extended Pennsylvanian, always had a mix, Horizons and Amfleet together on the Three Rivers and Pennsylvanian.

Christine is custom painting a few 21" Heritage cars for me currently.

I want to do the 3-5 car consists on the Keystone line through the late 80s and 90s, with AEM7 power.  There are also some instances of push-pull trains with AEM7s on both ends (I have pictures/video) that I would like to model as well.  A GGD cab car would be nice too, (that is a product that would sell as well), but it is just as well to have an electric at each end.  I can never run too many electrics.  Now that I think about it, no diesel or steam power has never set its wheels under my wires.

In summary, I need good scale Amfleets, please.  Thank you. 

Nate Murry

pantenary aht gee-male dawt comm.

Get the trucks on the cab cars right; Lionel used the same trucks on theirs that they used on the Amfleets. Cab cars used the de-motorized trucks from the Metroliners that they were converted from.

Later Gator,



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Cabs would sell to the right people for sure. They ran on the Hiawatha and were everywhere on the San Diegan (now Surfliner) until the Alstom/MK bilevels started to arrive.


We will hopefully have something to discuss further in the not too distant future about the schedule on this project.  I really would like to see this move forward as much as anyone.

When we speak of dream Amtrak trains to build someday, I want a version in O scale of the Broadway Limited I rode during my college years from 1987 through 1992.  Phase III with the typical consist being two F40phs leading three Thrall Material Handling Cars, a Heritage baggage, a Heritage crew dorm, in the 90's 3 to 4 Amfleet coaches and sometimes an Amfleet Cafe (during the late 80's it was all an Heritage equipped train coaches as all), a heritage diner followed by the Slumbercoach, and one or more Budd 10-6s depending on the season.  I custom painted up a set in N scale, but not the scale I'm in these days!

I'm all for Metroliners and cab cars, but we need to get over the order threshold hump on this project first. 

Jonathan Peiffer


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