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Chris: I have been a long time Kohs buyer of many of his projects with buying several variation of those projects. You have only bought a limited number of his projects. You Absolutely do not know what is going on! Have you gotten private emails on the many projects you have not purchased? You apparently do not have your glasses on (maybe you need magnifiers) to see the evidence in front of your nose. A blind cat can see that this is not the same as any other time! For those that have Dollars at stake and have already got a lawyer know the truth that this time it is much different. No one is complaining, but trying to inform others that do not know what is "NOT" happening. Fives years plus and counting and NADA is not the same as any other project. I do not know why you are stuck on the Challenger project. Get real, as those that are involved with this project know better. 

I’d address you by your first name as you have addressed me by mine but apparently your preference is to HIDE behind a screen name.

1. You don’t know anything about my involvement in this hobby.  

2. You don’t know anything about my collection.

3. You don’t know anything about my previous transactions with Kohs.

4. I’m not “Stuck” on Kohs Challenger or anything else from Kohs.

5. If “No one is complaining” then why are some hiring lawyers?

6. Please don’t drink and type here again!  🤣🤣🤣





PRR 5841,

I think you are confused about who you are responding to. I'm not NW2124 who is Stephen. Stephen is on your side responding to me. I'm Chris and apparently you are Chris, also? Please don't type while you are confused.

At any rate, heck yes, long timers in the know should have known better.

I feel for the guys with deposits at risk. Like I said earlier, if you are sure the project is dead, then sue. But I think that'll kill the Big Boy project altogether and loss of investment for all involved.

Until it happens, I'll still hold out that the project will go on. I was convinced by the doubters last time that the Challenger project and the Pennsy caboose projects were dead. I was very surprised and amazed to hear that they were imported after all the commentary and threats beforehand.

OK...this discussion has gotten ugly....has been getting worse over time and at this point as far as OGR is concerned, has no place on this forum.  There are personal remarks here that are against our TOS.  The topic is closed...  Take up your concerns and legal issues with the proper folks and leave the discussion privately via email....don't do it here!

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