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In previous post the Expansion of Layout I should construction and detailing of that portion of the layout, here I show how the layout scenery has been updated and a Portion of the original design plan change to give the layout a new focal point. Please let me know your opinion of the  changes and overall impact these changes have made. Thanks again for your thoughts.IMG_20230111_151141000_HDRIMG_20221009_154414292IMG_20230105_165024321IMG_20221215_222125_912IMG_20221222_000111833IMG_20230103_181623328IMG_20230103_180827911IMG_20230103_180827911IMG_20230103_191433210IMG_20221215_191402501IMG_20221221_122533013IMG_20230103_152559912IMG_20230103_191011969IMG_20230103_181847097IMG_20230103_150914822IMG_20230103_150923631


Images (18)
  • IMG_20230111_151141000_HDR: Two additional 180 watt Power bricks added
  • IMG_20221009_154414292: South East end Before
  • IMG_20230105_165024321: South East end of Layout after Update
  • IMG_20221215_222125_912: West End of Layout Before
  • IMG_20221222_000111833: West End during remodel
  • IMG_20230103_181623328: West End After
  • IMG_20230103_180827911: Mountain Village
  • IMG_20230103_190633923_HDR: Over a Hundred Trees Added
  • IMG_20230103_191433210: Mountain Cottage
  • IMG_20221215_191402501: Access to Mountain Village Before
  • IMG_20221221_122533013: Construction of Access Roadway
  • IMG_20221223_194235164: Construction
  • IMG_20230304_194014280_Original: Update Video Detailing all of the changes
  • IMG_20230103_152559912: Inner Portion of Layout Traffic Lights added
  • IMG_20230103_191011969: View of Layout from East End looking West
  • IMG_20230103_181847097: East side of Mountain
  • IMG_20230103_150914822: Forest on Mountain Side
  • IMG_20230103_150923631: Logging Loop Entrance to Mountain Tunnel
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