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Hi Everyone -

I've updated the Lionel shipping schedule in excel if anyone is interested.  You can sort according to Item Number, Item Name or Estimated Availability.  Please use the tiny arrows to the right of each column title and then select Sort Smallest to Largest or Sort Largest to Smallest from the drop down box.


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The Legacy Pacifics from 2021v1 are not on the list. I believe they were on the previous list. I’m not sure what that means.

I had one on order too, catalog number 2131290.  I'll be unhappy if they got axed.

@cnw4ever posted:

I don't see either the Chicago Northwestern Theater or Roof-Hatch cars.    Canceled?

The NS Theater car is gone too, 2127060, and I've been waiting for that one for a long time.  Need it to complete a train I was building.

If Lionel cancels stuff, I wish they would publish a list stating such on the same page as the shipping schedule, or put canceled in the date column in the shipping schedule.  Would be nice if they also put shipped as a status so we can be on the lookout for our items.

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