Updated Subway video at TMB train club

Earlier today we ran a few subway trains and the MTH NYC work train around the club Subway line along with a camcorder on a flat car. Enjoy Anxious to know your comments. Here is the link to the video on You tube



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Love it!!! Have rode the front car of NYT trains plenty of times. Tunnel views are great. The only thing missing is the signal lights. Seeing the lights placed on the walls both at the station and in the tunnels are true to life . Third rail (no, not the middle rail) effect looks awesome!!! Station with figures, signs, escalators, tiling, columns, yellow striping, end of platform chains are also great. An all around amazing, true to life experience!!! And I must say the subway never looked so clean before. And I would like to see it kept that way. No needs to ruin such great work!!!!

Railway and Locomotive Historical Society

New York Central System Historical Society

NNY (No Name Yet) Railroad - Owner and Operator


Those supports for the third-rail protection board look to be in need of a G.O.

Without knowing how they were built, I'd say they were very susceptible to damage, or at least installed in a manner that couldn't have been very easy for the track-laying crew.


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