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So, I gave up on the hope of a Legacy NKP Hudson. I bought this Weaver brass version. It’s stunning! My layout is Legacy. I’ll reach out to Bruk regarding a “Legacy upgrade.”  If I don’t go that way, what upgrades does this vintage of Weaver models need?31103A1A-74F6-4248-9AE7-A949E948B28E56EC5775-0045-423D-85B9-D3B655AD2CC6


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  • 31103A1A-74F6-4248-9AE7-A949E948B28E
  • 56EC5775-0045-423D-85B9-D3B655AD2CC6
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Thanks, Pete. Will do. I know it sounds crazy, but one of my biggest hang ups is the wire tether. Any options for it?

In this case I doubt it. Most all the electronics are in the tender. The wires in the tether drive the motor, smoke unit, tach sensor, maybe headlight. About as close as you could get is use a MTH PS2 “wireless” drawbar but they are harder to use than a common wire tether. Putting Legacy in that engine would likely cost as much as finding a Lionel engine plus you might have to give up some of the lead weight to fit it in there.

Run the engine for a while. See what you think.

Also, if it does have TAS electronics forget what I said about a Cruise M. Those are only for Lionel modular TMCC engines.


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