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Well I'm hoping not to re-invent the wheel. Has anyone replaced the Pullmor motor in their 1989 Lionel Reading T-1 (6-18006) with a Modern DC Can Style motor? If so what motor (If from Lionel a part number would be great) did you use. The shaft on the current motor measures 0.185". Did you find a motor mounting bracket that worked or did you fabricate one. Any advice, first hand knowledge, part numbers and vendors/websites you used would be awesome. Thanks to all who show an interest.

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I think Frank Timko was the first to offer a service upgrading these.  But the motor Timko uses is the little RS-385 which is fine for RailKing or train set locos.  I personally wouldn't install one in a Scale Reading T-1.

The guy you really want to talk to is Pat @harmonyards.  He has been upgrading Hudsons and Mohawks with honkin' big Pittman motors for at least 3 or 4 years now.  I believe your T-1 and the Mohawk use the same chassis.  It's a permanent modification, but Pat knows exactly where to cut the frame, and fabricates a sturdy bracket to hold the motor.  I think he also installs heavy-duty U-joints as part of the upgrade.  He stays busy and might have several locos ahead of you in his work queue, but the end result is well worth waiting for.  There are videos- search his posts!!

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The guy you really want to talk to is Pat @harmonyards.  He has been upgrading Hudsons and Mohawks with honkin' big Pittman motors for at least 3 or 4 years

put some zeros on the ends of those numbers Ted, ….😉….I started doing Pittman swaps for dad in his hobby stores back in the 80’s ….for those that can remember when Charlie Pittman himself would answer the phone, those were the days!!…


David.....I recently picked up a 6-16006 at a very good price. It appears to have very little run time. I striped it down and did a complete lube job.  I was suprised at how smooth it ran at low speeds. I have a Mohawk with a Timko conversion that runs well but I agree that it is not capable of pulling heavy loads. Depends on how you intend to use it. I am adding TMCC and railsounds to the Pullmore equiped T-1. I have all the parts on hand to try this. I also may replace the ACDR with a ERR AC commander that will provide 100 speed steps. No cruise control. The E unit buzz will be gone. If I am not happy with it I might have a pittman installed as it is a beautiful engine.


All of those 1990’s Pulmor locomotives are built like tanks, with near indestructible drive lines, they lend themselves beautifully to a generous Pittman swap. I have done dozens on top of dozens, …..and dare I say, they’re just as smooth when finished as anything made in this era, ….all of the Hudsons, Mohawks, T1’s, CSS’s, etc, are absolute proven performers when a large Pittman is swapped in. They are geared perfectly, and have very robust parts ….the only limitations are your own budget……Frank’s swap ( the Timko swap ) is perfect for the DIY fella looking to do the project themselves, with no outside help. Many choose to have me install the Pittman, and stop there as they are capable of upgrading their own electronics,….Frank’s swap is a lot easier to install, requiring only hand tools. However, there is a dark side, …the motor is extremely underpowered, and can not even hold a candle to a 9000 series Pittman…’s truly comparing apples to oranges,……

Pat 5F92D9B7-F2C5-4AD7-980A-CD7145AF9FD93E3E5B0A-3DE2-4FCF-A806-E7C5A3A72203


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I can attest to Pat's work on my 18009 Mohawk, which if memory serves me correctly was just the Reading T-1 changed just a bit on the outside. I haven't even begun to run that Mohawk to it's full potential as a puller, but Pat showed us how well it performed on his build topic. I'm sure with a Pittman at the seat, the Reading would really shine.

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